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Broiler Chicken Feeding Equipment

Broiler Chicken Feeding Equipment

Professional automatic feeding line for poultry feeding



Goldenest fourth generation broiler pan feeder

National patented No.:200920162649.8 and 200920161606.8

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The material: Copolymerization PP (engineering plastics), low fat soluble, plus ourself patent nostrum, to keep best tenacity and uvioresistant. 


1.Variety nutrition level, keep feeding evenly and fully.

2.The height of the pot can be adjusted. It is suitable for all ages.

3.Control of feed waste deep pot; easily into the shallow edge of the pan.  

4.Flat bottom design, easy to clean.

5.The patented unique locking mode makes it easy to install and clean.

6.Fastening part of the patent, combined with the bottom of the pot and grille firm.



Feed Auger:

The introduction of German technology and production lines, carbon steel materials from Japan, the company's patents.

We can produce more than 50 kinds of spiral drill specifications and 30 cross sections.



When you send an inquiry to our company, please tell us the size, quantity and culture of your chicken house by the way. It is convenient for us to give you a better offer.

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