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Broiler Feeding Equipment

Broiler Feeding Equipment

poultry chicken equipment,automatic chicken and broiler feeder

                     Broiler feeding system


Poultry feeder pan :



All levels of feeding should be kept evenly and adequately.

The pot edge can be adjusted, and its height is suitable for all age broilers, starting from day to day.

Control feed waste is deep pan bottom, easy to feed shallow pan side.

Flat bottom design, convenient for cleaning.

The patented unique locking mode keeps the installation and cleaning convenient.

Fasten some patents and firmly combine the bottom of the pot with grille.

Poultry Feeder Auger:



The introduction of German technology and production lines, carbon steel materials from Japan.

We can produce more than 50 kinds of spiral drill specifications and 30 cross sections.

Use in Farm:



Questions 1What do you need to tell when you make an inquiry?

 Answer:When you make an inquiry for our company, please tell us the size of your chicken house and the number of chickens you raise. It is convenient for us to give you a most favorable price.

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