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Sow Pig Dry And Wet Feeder Equipment

Sow Pig Dry And Wet Feeder Equipment

Pig feed and drinking water are convenient, both sides are fed at the same time

         Goldenest pig feeder




Bottom size


Container Loading


 Height  1.18m

 Width   0.7m

 Length 0.644m

 Width  0.42m





 Height  1.25m

 Width   0.95m

 Length 0.817m

 Width  0.472m



  480set/40’ HC

goldenestpigfeeders (14).jpg

goldenestpigfeeders (13).jpg

Features of the product:

Pig feed and drinking water is convenient, both sides are fed at the same time.

Feed and water are supplied separately to prevent mildew and feed safely.

Pig feeding every year is better than other types of feeder.

Application in pig farms:

sun 15.jpggoldenestpigfeeders (12).jpg

Each part of the material:

304 stainless steel feed pipe / feed tank / water pipe / nipple water dispenser

Hot-dip galvanized frame tube

goldenestpigfeeders (8).jpg



1. focus on livestock machinery for 30 years, we lead, others copy


2. Cooperate with the only university specialized in livestock eduction in China, provide excellent products and appropriate service with the help of many experts and professors


3. Well-known for providing high - quality products at a resonable price,Products are exported to more than 60 countries, having got high prestige in the world market.


You'd better provide more details about your pig farm in the inquiry,only in this way can we give you a accurate quotation ,thanks in advance.

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