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Poultry PVC Plastic Floor

Poultry PVC Plastic Floor

Poultry PVC plastic floor Big square hole plastic slat ( 1020mm*600mm*40mm / 2.2kg / hole size:25mm*20mm ) Small square hole plastic slat( 1020mm*600mm*40mm / 2.38kg / hole size:8mm*6mm) Oblong hole plastic slat( 1200mm*500mm*40mm / 2.3kg / hole size:40*18mm) 12 cm and 8 cm triangle beam Support...

Poultry PVC plastic floor


       Big square hole plastic slat  (1020mm*600mm*40mm / 2.2kg / hole size:25mm*20mm)


Small square hole plastic slat(1020mm*600mm*40mm / 2.38kg / hole size:8mm*6mm)


Oblong hole plastic slat(1200mm*500mm*40mm / 2.3kg / hole size:40*18mm)


12cm and 8cm triangle beam

Support leg:


Material characteristics:

1, engineering polypropylene, 100% raw materials, plus patent formula, to maintain plastic modification, maintain antioxidant, anti-interference, anti ultraviolet, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, flexibility, high strength, high bearing capacity.

2. The service life is 15-20 years.

3, easy to install, easy to clean, strong connection.

4. Good leakage rate is reasonable for hole design and no burr on the surface.

5. The modern molding process is used to complete the slab at one time.

6. The plastic slate bearing is about 250Kg.


Work shop

In Farm:

Packaging & Shipping

1.Trade Terms:EXW,FOB,CFR and CIF


2.Payment Terms:T/T


3.Payment Condition:30% deposit  in advance,70% balance before delivery


4.Delivery Time:within 7 days


5.Packing:standard export package


You'd better provide more details about your poultry farm in the inquiry,only in this way can we give you a accurate quotation ,thanks in advance.

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