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GOLDENEST Overseas Markets Are Growing Rapidly.

- Jan 30, 2018 -

  1. Our company is a domestic research and development of various shaped spiral auger, production base, exports to Thailand for five consecutive years a large spiral auger.

    Poultry feed auger:


2. Changzhou foreign trade re-export our company large diameter, large cross-section spiral auger.

3. Export broiler lines to Tasmania, Australia and set up a representative office. Some products have been radiated to New Zealand.

Goldenest broiler auger feeding line:


4. Exports to Cuba more than 400 feed silos.

Poultry pig Feed silo (1).jpg

5. Exporting countries: Russia, South Korea, Ireland, Britain, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and a dozen other countries.

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