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The Upgrade And Renovation Project Of The 22 Kinds Of Chicken Coop Raising Equipment In Shandong GOLDENESTis Under Way.

  March 26, 2018. Shandong GOLDENEST company sales department 9 people under the leadership of the general manager, visited the shandong laiyang spring snow food co., LTD., the ancestors of the breeding management equipment upgrade and renovation project. Spring snow food is a large collection, meat processing as one of the company. We reached a cooperation agreement with our company as early as 2000. Our company has long provided breeding equipment and technology for spring snow. With high quality products and excellent service, we have won the unanimous praise from the leaders of spring snow company. During this trip, we also learned a lot of knowledge and added basic knowledge to the improvement of our sales ability.

Twenty-one chicken coops are being upgraded.


Galvanized feed silo:


Broiler breeder automatic feeding system:



Automatic breeder laying egg nest: