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Poultry Chicken Broiler Breeder High Quality Plastic Slats Floor Farming Equipment

Poultry plastic slats floor 1.Products Description Big square hole small square hole oblong hole 12 cm and 8 cm triangle beam support leg -A support leg-B 2.Features 1.The Material : Engineering polypropylene , 100% raw material.Plus patent recipe, to keep plastic modification, keep...

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                  Poultry plastic slats floor

1.Products Description 

        Model                 Spectfication
Big square hole plastic slat1020mm*600mm*40mm / 2.2kg / hole size:25mm*20mm
Small square hole plastic slat1020mm*600mm*40mm / 2.38kg / hole size:8mm*6mm
Oblong hole plastic slat1200mm*500mm*40mm / 2.3kg / hole size:40*18mm
Oblong hole plastic slat1000mm*500mm*40mm / 1.91kg / hole size:40*18mm
Triangle beam (8cm height)made by PVC    1kg/meter
Triangle beam (12cm height)made by PVC    1.55kg/meter
Support leg -AHeight freewill as the PVC support pipe can custom length
Support leg -BHeight adjust from 18cm to 28cm

图片25.jpg   图片26.jpg   图片27.jpg

Big square hole       small square hole    oblong hole         

12cm and 8cm triangle beam support leg-A  support leg-B

1.The Material : Engineering polypropylene , 100% raw material.Plus patent recipe, to keep plastic modification, keep anti-oxidants, anti-inhibitor, anti-ultraviolet, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, flexibility, high strength, high bearing.
2. Made by modern molding, the slats finish in one-time.
3. The plastic slat’s bearing around 250kg.
4. Good leakage dung rate as the rational hole design, and no burr on surface.
5. Easy to install and clean, connect one by one firmly.
6. Warranty of 15-20 years using life.
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4. Customer project cases


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